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        1. ABOUT US

                   Zhejiang Keland electric appliance Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in Die-casting cookware, Pizza pan,Electric grill and air fryer. Our company takes up 30,000 square meters with 20,000 square meter building area .There are over 350 workers and more than 10 technicists and administrators. We implement ISO9001 quality assurance system in the whole company. Most of our products have the ETL, GS, A13 CE, EMC, CB, REACH, LFGB, approvals. All of the products are selling well in worldwide markets. Such as EUROPE, USA. Middle east, U.A.E, South Africa etc.We also do OEM with the word top 300 exterprise.Equipping with complets automatic processing lines, we possess both skil.......<more>

          NEW PRODUCTS



          Add: No.179 Mudan Nan Road, Baiyang industrial Zone,Wuyi Country, 
          Tel:+86 579 8753 5532
          Fax:+86 579 8795 6010

          Cell pone:+86 13735702309 

                    +86 139 6792 6935
          Web: www.tjanbeijia.com

          Copyright © 2014   Zhejiang Keland electric appliance co.,ltd.  All Rights Reserved. Management  Support: www.it579.net

          Links:China ELECTRIC GRILL、China PIZZA PAN
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